Software/Web Developer – TS/SCI

Springfield, Va

Job Description

Synertex is seeking a Software / Web Developer to provide support to the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center Advanced Imagery Reproduction System (DAIRS) Maintenance. The DAIRS system must be maintained and be available so that GEOINT, film based imagery, is available to NGA and its worldwide customers. This is accomplished by maintaining and updating all DAIRS components (DRS website, AIS website, and associated database for each website) and ensuring data dissemination to the customer and to the National Data Libraries (NDL).  NSG partners will be able to access the AIS database where they can research reconnaissance aircraft and other film based airborne mission data. NSG partners will be able to access the Duplication Request Service (DRS) where they can request historical National Technical Means (NTM) and aerial hardcopy and softcopy imagery. The Contractor shall provide website development and database management support to NGA.  The maintenance and updating of the DAIRS will ensure the timely, accurate, and relevant dissemination of GEOINT to NGA’s customers


  • Contractor shall maintain DAIRS operations and sustainment at NCE (SECNet, NGANet).
  • Providing and maintaining a gold copy of the DAIRS baseline for the Website and database, including: Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) repositories for all scanned images not submitted to the NDL Scripts that feed NITF files to the NDL Scripts that collect other image files
  • Maintaining a list of functional requirements, to include developing long-term feature releases
  • Maintaining a source code repository and appropriate Configuration Management controls
  • Developing workflows in coordination with customers to support automation, where possible
  • Ensuring appropriate PKI or other IdAM integration
  • Packaging and testing IAVA’s (Mission applications)


  • Performing database administration using SQL
  • Performing webserver tuning and maintenance
  • Designing custom web pages, including the use of Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
  • Implementing File Transfer Protocol (FTP)